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Accounting services in Bulgaria, Bookkeeping

Contrary to the popular belief, not all accounting services provided by accountants in Bulgaria are the same. We believe that most of these consulting firms provide the ‘basics’ of this service, which we call bookkeeping or accounting for small businesses. These include:

Maintenance of accountancy and bookkeeping
Preparation of monthly VAT returns and accounting for tax
Annual Tax Returns for Corporate Tax
Bank and Cash reconciliation
Fix Assets reconciliation
Accounting for payroll
Management reports to shareholders

As an experienced and truly international company in Bulgaria our partner Finance Consult LLC aim to differ from the other accounting practices.
Our goal is to get to know you and your business and finally to better understand your accountancy outsourcing needs. As a reputable Consulting firm we wish to build partnerships based on trust. By gaining a deep understanding about your business in Bulgaria, we can than deliver tailored business solutions in the legal, accounting & bookkeeping, corporate services and tax in Bulgaria. Whether you have a small business in Bulgaria, you are a self employed non-resident, or a large multinational corporation in Bulgaria, we aim to get better understanding of your needs which results in better financial planning advice. An essential adjunct to this function is our ability to provide near ‘real-time’ professional financial and bookeeping services in full compliance with your needs and demands.

The services provided by Finance Consult LLC are much more than just bookkeeping.
We aim to deliver accounting in a business. Today a considerable part of the business in Bulgaria chooses to outsource the accounting and bookkeeping function. Especially when it comes to branches, subsidiaries or sister-companies, there is an economic benefit to BPO the accounting and bookkeeping services to specialized firm. This is where Finance Consult steps in and gives you access to highly experienced and qualified business consultants in the field of accounting services in Bulgaria. Our policy is to identify areas of your business, which can be outsourced to us so that you could receive the best services in return.

If you require any accounting or bookkeeping services, or merely have an inquiry on taxes in Bulgaria we are just a phone call or email away. All you have to do is to contact us. We are eager, ready and capable to assist our clients with full range of business outsourcing – incorporation of Bulgarian company, legal support, accounting & bookkeeping, payroll, tax and consulting services so that they can achieve those things that are of most importance to them in a timely and accurately manner. After all – ‘information is power’, but ‘time is money’!

Bulgarian Taxation Rates:

Profit Tax FLAT 10%

Dividend Tax within the EU 0%

VAT within the EU 0%

Personal Income Tax FLAT 10%