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Bulgarian Taxation

Planning all corporate taxes in Bulgaria: income taxes, VAT, withholding taxes, dividends taxes and considering the tax impact on your business, should play a significant role in every financial step your company in Bulgaria undertakes.


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Lawyers at Belcheva & Karadjova LLP provide quick initial legal advice and support in English, Russian and Bulgarian so you understand your legal options and are aware of what legal actions you can undertake. You will usually receive our response to your queries in 24 hours.


Lawyer Bulgaria

Bulgarian lawyer is a cornerstone of democracy and rule of law system.  Lawyer in Bulgaria  plays a critical role in the functioning of a Bulgaria market-oriented economy based on the right of private property and freedom to contract.


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December, 2011

Reliable Law Firm

Reliable and professional business advocates, lawyer, attorney, solicitor firm to work with. They settled our business in Bulgaria. Helped us with everything . »

September, 2017

Best Solution

Legal services in Bulgaria that really invest to get you know you more, your needs, plans and find the best solutions. »

July, 2011

Dreams Back Bulgarian Attorney

I turned to them when I have lost hope. They not only find the right path for your problems.They will bring back your dreams. At least this was my experience with them. »

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June, 2010

Extremely Competent Bulgarian Lawyer

With my experience with the legal services and dealing with solicitor Ms. Belcheva is the exception. Always responsive, courteous, the consummate professional. »

February, 2016

Highly Recommend Bulgarian Lawyer

I would greatly recommend attorney Belcheva to represent you. She helped several times in very unpleasant difficulties which I had. »

January, 2010

You Can Only Afford This Attorney

The twenty-five months of hell is finally over. Eight paid attorneys, solicitors and 40,000 euros later in cost and lost wages. »

Practice Areas

Business, Corporate Bulgarian Lawyer

Business, Corporate Lawyer
Corporate Solicitor & Bulgarian attorney advising of commercial law companies and individuals who seek to establish a new business in Bulgaria.

Organization Maintenance, Bulgarian Attorney

Business Maintenance
Capitalization, reorganization, re-registration, acquisition and merger of Bulgaria companies.

Conveyance & Property Bulgarian Lawyers

Conveyance & Property Lawyers
Property attorney in Bulgaria helping individuals and businesses negotiate fair deals.

contract law, Bulgarian Attorneys

Contract Law Bulgaria Lawyer
Providing full support in Contract Law we helping you better protect your rights before or/and all courts and authorities. Null and void contract court claims.

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